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Tin báo điện tử: TIES Digital Traveler eNewsletter January 2012

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Từ tháng này, Hiệp Hội Du lịch Sinh thái Quốc tế (TIES)sẽ thực hiện những cập nhật quan trọng trên trang web hệ thống như Thư mục thành viên mới , chuyên mục về TIES và tin tức thành viên. Chúng tôi khuyến khích bạn khám phá các nguồn và công cụ khác nhau sẵn có trên trang web và gia nhập vào mạng lưới toàn cầu của chúng tôi- bằng cách trở thành một thành viên (nếu bạn vẫn chưa đăng ký làm thành viên), hỗ trợ du lịch sinh thái và quảng bá về du lịch sinh thái trên khắp thế giới....

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES)'s monthly e-newsletter delivers ecotourism news and updates from around the world.

We are excited to share with you that this month, we've implemented important updates on TIES website including the new Member Directory and TIES and Member News section. We encourage you to explore various tools and resources available on our site, and get involved in our global network - by becoming a member (if you're not already), supporting ecotourism, and spreading the word!
The International Ecotourism Society (TIES)
TIES Headlines: Hawaii Ecotourism, ITB Berlin
Hawaii Ecotourism Association Meeting
Next week, some of us from TIES team will be at a local member meeting in Hawaii, with members of the Hawaii Ecotourism Association and the University of Hawaii
Global Spotlight on Ecotourism at ITB Berlin
TIES is participating in this year's ITB Berlin (March 7-11, 2012), the largest B2B tourism trade platform in the world, representing the global network of TIES members and ecotourism advocates. TIES booth: Hall 4.1/236.
TIES Members News & Projects
Member News
TIES Members News and Projects
TIES members around the world - ecotourism pioneers and sustainability leaders in 120 countries - are making a difference locally and internationally, by representing the voices of small local operators, by defending and promoting the best of ecotourism experiences in their destinations, and by educating and inspiring travelers to support conservation, communities and sustainable travel.
Alaska Wildland Adventures CEO Kirk Hoessle Appointed to US National Tourism Advisory Board
As part of a push to boost the tourism economy in the United States, President Obama has appointed the national visitor industry advisory board. Kirk Hoessle says he hopes to bring an Alaskan voice to the table.
Swedish Ecotourism Society: Nature's Best Wins WWF Prize
The Ecotourism Society of Sweden has been awarded the 2011 WWF Carl Mannerfelt Prize for its work in ecotourism and sustainable tourism, and in particular, the Nature's Best quality mark.
Winners Announced: 2012's Top 10 Ethical Destinations in the Developing World
Ethical Traveler's annual report highlights 10 tourism destinations for their accomplishments in the areas of environmental protection, social welfare, and human rights.
Ecotourism Prizes Selected by Winners of MyNatour Ecotourism Travel Blog Contest, Sponsored by whl.travel
From dozens of submissions, a shortlist of 10 finalists (determined by public vote) was reviewed by a panel of judges that included representatives from TIES, Tourism Concern, MyNatour and the WHL Group, the parent company of whl.travel.
>> TIES Members: Submit your member news articles (Member log-in required)
ecoDestinations: Patagonia
ecoDestinations Patagonia
ecoDestinations Patagonia
...the raft floats quietly along a shore lined with bushy lenga trees and bright orange calafate flowers. Arratia, who grew up a few hours south of here in the coastal village of Caleta Tortel, leans backward from his captain's perch, fills his water bottle with river water, and takes a good long swing. "No hay mas puro," he says. It doesn't get any purer than this. - Excerpt from 'Disappearing Destinations - 37 Places in Peril and What Can Be Done to Help Save Them'
Patagonia Scientific Tourism: An Emerging Trend at the End of the World
Unknown. Exceptional. These are two of the primary attributes used around the world to describe Patagonia, a space known for its elusive geography, culture, and climate, located at the end of the world.
GiroVai.com: Patagonia Outdoor Adventures and Environmental Challenges in Chile
GiroVai.com aims to break the geographical barriers of the southernmost region of the world, and to offer a high standard service to those interested in experiencing the same adventurous spirit of pioneer explorers.
The EcoCamp Patagonia Experience in Torres del Paine National Park
Located at the very tip of South America, in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, EcoCamp Patagonia is the region's first fully sustainable accommodation south of the Amazon.
BikeHike Adventures: Reasons Why Patagonia is A Must See
Breaking away from the common aspiration to travel in a warm and tropical destination can be difficult – but Patagonia makes it EASY. With immense natural beauty and rich wildlife, Patagonia is a must for active travellers.
Cascada Expediciones: Enjoying the Patagonian Wilderness Responsibly
EcoCamp Patagonia, owned and operated by the Chilean in-bound tour operator Cascada Expediciones, is carbon neutral, 100% renewable energy, and carefully designed to minimize environmental footprint.
Featured Ecotourism Story: Namibia
Namibia: An Ecotourism Success Story
Namibia: An Ecotourism Success Story
By Hans Tammemagi
The Land Rover bumped along a riverbed, passing scraggly trees and splashing through occasional pools that soon would be dry. I was on a safari tour in the Damaraland region of Namibia in southwest Africa. Since leaving camp, we had passed through a parched, barren, rocky landscape. But the wildlife was like Alice in Wonderland.
A row of oryx trotted along a ridge, baboons scampered on a cliffside, orange and green parakeets squawked in a bush. We turned a corner and, suddenly, four elephants were coming right at us, massive, immense, powerful. Luckily, the elephants ambled ponderously past, ignoring us. Read full article
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