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Ways to Improve Your English

If you want to improve your English, there are a lot of fantastic resources to help you. Read on to find just some of the ways in which you can become fluent in English.

Take A Language Class In Your Own Country
Although some information tells you that the best place to learn English is to go to a country that speaks it, you will probably find it easier to learn the basics in your own country. Not only are you going to be learning with like-minded people, it will be much cheaper to learn English in your home country.

This isn’t to say that a trip to an English speaking country wouldn’t be beneficial, but it is better put on hold until you can at least understand, and speak the basics.

Change Your Search Engines To English
By changing your default settings to search the English search engines, you are opening yourself up to a wealth of information. It is also a great way to practise your spellings and phrases in English. You may even find amazing websites that you never knew existed!

Start An English Blog
Blogs are great for communicating with people all over the world. You may even get in touch with people who can give you pointers on how you can improve your English. So that you write frequently in English, why not start an online diary about your experiences learning a second language.

As you look back over your old entries, you will be able to see your progress and hopefully your improvement. You may even be able to help others who are looking to learn English as a second language. A good exercise would be to look back over your old blog entries and correct your spelling, sentence structure and grammar.

Listening To Audio Books
Download old and new audio books to listen to on your MP3 player or computer. For new releases, you may have to pay for the download, but there may be some audio books that you can use for free. Make sure to download the English version and stick to fairly easy stories to start with.

English audio books are usually narrated by well spoken voice actors. This makes it much easier for you to be able to pick out certain words, and understand what is being said. If you are a beginner, why not listen to children’s audio books. These usually come with actual books that you can read at the same time as listening to the story.

Swap Your Bilingual Dictionary For An English One
It is very easy to fall into the habit of using your bilingual dictionary too much. When you first start learning English, a bilingual dictionary is a very helpful resource, but eventually it will become all too easy to refer to it. If you swap your bilingual dictionary for an English-English dictionary, you are testing what you have learnt so far.

Set Realistic Goals
Learning a second language takes a lot of hard work, patience and motivation. Provided you have the will to go all the way, you will be fluent in English before you know it. However, you should be careful that you don’t push yourself too hard.

While you should set yourself challenges, make sure they are realistic. Make sure to start slowly, then as you progress and become more fluent, you can set yourself harder challenges.

Watching Films With Subtitles
If you are just starting to learn English as a second language, watching a film in your first language with English subtitles is a great place to begin. You should be aware that the subtitles may not be perfect, but they will be good enough to start you on the right track. For a change of pace, why not watch an English movie with subtitles in your own language. That way, you can see how they translate and will help you understand English.

Once you are at a more advanced stage, you could try translating the movie in your own language into English as you watch it. You could also translate the English movie into your own language. This will be a great way to help your English writing, listening and understanding skills.

There are lots of ways to help you become fluent in English. A second language is never easy to learn, but with the right tools and resources, you will be at the top of the class.
(Source: http://www.howtolearnenglish.co.uk)

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