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The International Ecotourism Society (TIES)'s monthly e-newsletter delivers ecotourism news and updates from around the world.
TIES eNews

Bạn đang tìm kiếm để giới thiệu cam kết của bạn đối với sự phát triển bền vững, để làm nổi bật những thành tựu của địa phương và toàn cầu? Hãy đăng ký để có mặt tại ESTC12 (ngày 17 đến ngày 19 tháng 9 tại Montery, California), hội nghị hằng năm để giải quyết những vấn đề về phát triển bền vững trong ngành du lịch toàn cầu.

Looking for an international platform to showcase your commitment to sustainability, and to highlight your local and global achievements? Apply now to present at the ESTC12 (Sept 17-19, Monterey, California, USA), the premier annual industry conference addressing key sustainability issues in the global tourism industry.

Presenting at the ESTC12 is a unique opportunity for you to gain significant recognition by hundreds of industry pioneers and influencers who are driving change in global tourism. Don't miss this limited-time opportunity; call for speakers closes on Monday, March 19th.

ESTC12 Call for Speakers
TIES Headlines: Meet TIES Team at ITB Berlin
Global Spotlight on Ecotourism at ITB Berlin
TIES is participating in this year's ITB Berlin (March 7-11, 2012), the largest B2B tourism trade platform in the world, representing the global network of TIES members and ecotourism advocates. If you're going to be at ITB, please stop by our booth (Hall 4.1/236), and join our presentation on Tourism and Millenium Develoment Goals (MDGs) at 11am, March 9th, 2012 (Exhibition Area State, Hall 4.1)
TIES Member News & Projects
Member News
Local Food, Volunteer Travel, Wildlife and More
This month, we are happy to share exciting announcements and updates by our members from around the world - from organic gardens in Wisconsin to mountain trails in Mongolia - and opportunities for eco-travel enthusiasts and conservation supporters to get engaged.
Farmstead Chef: Reclaiming the Kitchen and Gardens
Farmstead Chef captures the movement back into the kitchen, and gardens. Whether to savor the flavor of fresh, unprocessed foods or just to save money by eating seasonally, millions of people are buying local ingredients or growing their own food.
SEEtheWILD Launches The WildTribe
SEEtheWILD, the world's first and only wildlife conservation travel website, is launching a unique opportunity for people who have a passion for both traveling and protecting animals and a knack for social media and marketing. (Apply by March 2nd)
GVI Round the World Volunteer Travel Competition
Global Vision International (GVI) has launched an international search to send one person around the world for one year, with flights, volunteering on a range of long-term, sustainable GVI programs and expeditions.
Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 2012: Adventure Race in the Mongolian Mountains
Adventure-seeking runners can now register for the world's most pristine 42km and 100km run: Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset will take place on August 1st. All proceeds of the non-profit event are used for environmental projects in Hovsgol National Park.
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Member Highlights: Ecotourism in Hawaii
Hawaii Ecotourism Association Meeting
TIES Member Meeting in Hawai'i
In early February, TIES team received a warm Aloha welcome by our members from the Hawaii Ecotourism Association and University of Hawai'i's Environmental Center, as well as local tourism and conservation leaders, who gathered for a community meeting to discuss local and international ecotourism challenges and opportunities.
VolcanoDiscovery Hawai`i: Connecting with the Heartbeat of Hawai`i's Big Island
For volcano enthusiasts, and travelers interested in geology and natural history, Hawai`i is a unique destination offering one-of-a-kind encounters with Kīlauea, one of the world's most active volcanoes, and Mauna Loa, the world's most massive volcano.
14 Tour Companies Earn Hawai'i's First-Ever Green Certification
The Hawai'i Ecotourism Association (HEA) developed the ecotourism certification program, the first in Hawai'i, to help educate commercial tour operators on the responsible use of natural and cultural resources, support conservation and sustainability practices, and raise awareness among visitors.
Meet Ecotourism Leaders in Hawai'i
Since 1994, HEA has been committed to diversifying Hawai'i's travel industry through the advocacy of ecotourism to protect Hawai'i's unique natural environment and native culture. A broad membership base composed of tour and lodging operators, travel writers, and community and environmental organizations fulfills HEA's goal of promoting visitor experiences that are environmentally and culturally sensitive.
Featured Story: Travel & Climate Protection
Megan Epler Wood
Travel and Responsible Climate Protection
By Megan Epler Wood
The international travel and tourism industry has done a great deal in the last 20 years to promote more sustainable practices and better environmental management. But few initiatives have significantly lowered the industry's contribution to the growing climate crisis. There are effective ways to get this problem under control, and most of them have to do with aviation.
The global, international aviation industry presently accounts for 3% of carbon emissions worldwide and is rising fast. With all known approaches, including improving efficiency, emissions will be up 175% in the next 20 years particularly because of the ever increasing number of long haul flights. Read full article
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